Scott Chamberlain homo sapien



Most of these are collaborative projects, of which I am the maintainer

taxize A taxonomic toolbelt for R.
rgbif Interface to GBIF.
rplos Interace to the Public Library of Science search API.
alm An R client for the PLOS Lagotto altmetrics application.
solrium R client for Apache SOLR.
elastic R client for Elasticsearch.
analogsea R client for Digital Ocean
rnoaa R client for many NOAA datasets
rphylopic R client for Phylopic
cowsay Like the command line program cowsay, but for R
rgauges R client for website analytics API (DEFUNCT)
rbhl R client for the Biodiversity Heritage Library
httping R client to ping urls to time requests.
rcrossref R client for various CrossRef APIs
vcr Record HTTP calls and replay them. Port of the Ruby gem of the same name.
rbison Wrapper to the USGS Bison API.
rerddap Work with ERDDAP servers.
musemeta Scrape Museum Metadata.
gistr Interact with GitHub gists from R.
rif Neuroscience Information Network client.
lawn turf.js R client.
geojsonio Convert many data formats to & from GeoJSON & TopoJSON.
wellknown Go from well known text to GeoJSON and back.
crul An HTTP client, taking inspiration from Ruby’s faraday.


habanero A Python client for the Crossref search API.
pygbif A Python client for the GBIF API.
pytaxize A Python port of the R taxize library.
pyalm A Python client for the Lagotto API.


serrano A Python client for the Crossref search API.
textminer Client to do text-mining via Crossref metadata - built on serrano.
cites Search for and get citations from the command line.
veyor A Ruby gem for the Appveyor API.
rubrb A command line tool to help with R tasks - a weird thing, I know.