I’m currently a Senior Data Engineer with Deck Tools.

After rOpenSci, I worked with OurResearch as the product owner/developer on Unsub.

I was a co-founder of rOpenSci, a project to facilitate open science by creating open source tools witin the R programming environment.

From 2012-2014 I was a postdoc in the Biology Department at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Before the postdoc at Simon Fraser University I did my master’s degree and Ph.D. training at Rice University in Houston, TX. There I studied a range of topics, including: ant-plant interactions, pollination, population and community ecology, species interaction networks, and evolutionary ecology.</p>

In addition to doing science, I was involved in a number of projects. I was the blog editor for the Journal of Ecology until December 2013. I was on the Community Education and Engagement Working Group at DataONE, and helped organize iEvoBio 2014!